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The Southern Gamma-ray Survey Observatory Alliance

The SGSO Alliance mission statement

The Southern Gamma-ray Survey Observatory Alliance is a collection of scientists interested in the science and engineering of an extensive air shower detector located at a high-altitude site in the mountains of South America. SGSO will be sensitive to astrophysical gamma rays and cosmic rays in the energy range between 100 GeV and 100 TeV. The purpose of the alliance is the advancement of such a detector.

The member scientists intend to elucidate the expected scientific discoveries of SGSO and the design parameters required to obtain these discoveries; to prototype and test various elements of the detectors; to explore and prototype several detector designs options; to evaluate the suitability of possible sites; to simulate and optimize the sensitivity of different detector designs; and to investigate and make measurements at potential sites. We will work together to communicate our findings among ourselves and the international scientific community.

The alliance will work toward the completion of whitepapers on the scientific capabilities of the detector, pursue funding and promote SGSO for long term planning within the astrophysics community.

Members of SGSO are entitled to access shared documents and participate in workshops and scientific meetings. Membership is informal and carries no obligation or commitment.

A list of interested institutes and/or individuals can be found at Who are we?. If you want to become a member, follow the instructions.

News: Science Case Published!

We recently published the first version of the science case for SGSO on the arXiv. The idea is that this is a living document, if you would like to contribute to a next version or want to endorse the effort let us know.

Workshops and Meetings

Links to past and upcoming meetings can be found at Meetings.

SGSO Internal

The internal part of the website provides a platform for gathering information and document discussions on various topics, like detector design and site selection.

Publication related to a Southern Gamma-ray Survey Observatory can be found under publications.

Detector concepts & development

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